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Christmas Comes to Colburn!
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We have had a fun-filled week of Christmas activities.  As well as a traditional nativity performed by Year 1 pupils, a Foundation Stage Christmas singalong and a Year 2 ‘Christmas Around the World’ assembly, we have also put on a Year 3 - 6 musical called ‘Poptastic’.

Miss Nicholas commented, “All children in Key Stage 2 were given the opportunity to take part in our disco-themed production; the on-stage cast of singers, dancers and actors were supported by the enthusiastic school orchestra and a very capable stage crew. I was delighted that our whole school community was involved in so many lovely Christmas activities.”

Chloe said, “I loved being in the Poptastic production because it was fun and educational. I was able to include some of my own ideas into the script.”

Jasmine added, “I enjoyed learning all the different dances and performing for my friends and family.”

Abbey said, “I will miss being in our productions when I move to secondary school next year; I have been in every play since Year 1. My Great Nanna travelled all the way from Dover to watch me and my sister in Poptastic.”

Community Art Project
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Our current Year 6 pupils recently took part in an art project - their work was displayed at County Hall in Northallerton.  For further details, click the link below to visit Richmondhsire Today:

We Remember
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Our pupils paid their respects by taking part in a special assembly for Remembrance Day.  Poppies dedicated to relatives of our pupils were placed in our Remembrance Garden.
Football Events
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Our pupils have had lots of fun playing football this term.  Teams from Years 3/4 and 5/6 have represented Colburn School with great sportsmanship and outstanding behaviour.  The two teams finished third in their respective competitions.
New Catering Contractor
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We have welcomed a new catering contractor to provide our school lunches and Breakfast Club menu; Mellors are providing a fresh, new variety of food which is going down really well with the children. The salad bar is particularly popular, with lots of children stopping to stock up on their five a day! The School Council are currently in talks with Mellors to arrange the sale of healthy snacks at morning playtime.


Quotes from our pupils:

“The lunches have improved – there are more veggies that I really like. There’s a salad table and nice dinner ladies.”

“They’re delicious. Yummy!”

“I love the desserts and the salad bar.”

“I like the fish pie because it’s nice and creamy.”



Miss Nicholas said, “Mellors are delivering a menu which is both nutritious and appealing to young children. This has resulted in more children eating fruit and vegetables as part of their lunchtime meal. We are pleased that so many of our pupils are taking advantage of the improved meals on offer at lunchtimes and at our Breakfast Club, as good nutrition is vital to support children’s education."

Welcome to Colburn School, FS2!

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Our new FS2 pupils are looking eager to learn.

Miss Nicholas said, "All the children look really smart in their uniforms and are keen to start their learning journey at our school.  I would like to thank all the parents and carers for ensuring that their children were well turned out and arrived promptly on their first day."