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Governor roles and responsibilities

The Role of the Governing Body


  • Ensure that policies are in place and school meets statutory requirements.
  • Hear appeals/complaints about curriculum matters.

Religious Education (RE) and Collective Worship

  • Arrange for RE to be provided in accordance with the agreed syllabus.
  • Arrange for daily Collective Worship for all pupils.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • Ensure staff know the importance of identifying and helping pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • Make every effort to meet needs of SEND pupils.
  • Ensure teachers of pupils with SEND are aware of and provide for their individual needs.
  • Inform the Local Authority about pupils who may need a EHCP.
  • Ensure that pupils with SEND can join in school activities as far as is practicable.


  • Decide how to spend the school’s delegated budget depending on any conditions in the LA scheme.
  • Must be consulted by the LA on significant changes to the LA’s local management of schools’ scheme.
  • Ensure accurate financial accounts are kept.


  • Select the Headteacher.
  • Decide staff numbers and appointments.
  • Can exercise a range of pay discretion.
  • Set disciplinary procedures.
  • Hear staff grievances.
  • Ensure that effective Performance Management Procedures are in place and are followed.
  • Select Clerk to Governing Body.


  • Admit pupils whose parents have chosen the school, where places are available.
  • May comment on LA admissions arrangements when consulted annually.
  • Can ask the LA to raise admissions limit for their school.

Equal Opportunities

  • Must not discriminate against pupils, job applications or staff on grounds of sex, race, disability or marital status in line with current legislation.

Discipline and Attendance

  • Must agree the statement on discipline.
  • Consider representations about exclusion.
  • Ensure attendance registers are kept.
  • Must report on unauthorised attendances in the school prospectus.
  • Decide the duration of school sessions.

Providing information

  • Must supply the LA with any written information asked for – e.g. financial information and reports, annual returns.
  • Supply parents with comparative information on school’s performance (via website).
  • Ensure the School’s website is up to date and accessible to parents.
  • Maintain pupils’ educational records and allow access.
  • Provide other statutory reports on data as appropriate in line with current legislation.


  • Notify parents and other relevant bodies of pending inspection.
  • Provide information to registered inspector.
  • Distribute Inspection Report and summary.
  • Draw up action plan if required by OFSTED.

Health, Safety and Welfare

  • Make sure buildings, equipment and materials are safe and no risk to health in line with current legislation.

Charging for School Activities

  • Determine the charging and remissions policy.
  • May invite voluntary contributions.
  • Ensure free provision of activities in school time.
  • May charge for some activities provided out of school hours.

School Building

  • Control the use of premises outside of the school day.
  • Follow LA directions on community use outside school hours.