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Pupil Premium

Please follow the link below for general information about the Government's Pupil Premium funding.

Impact of Pupil Premium 2016/17

Pupil Premium Allocation 2017/18


In the academic year 2017 – 2018, the school has been allocated £54,025 in Pupil Premium funding to date.  We intend to use this to maintain an increased number of teaching staff in EYFS in order to promote accelerated progress, particularly in the area of speech and language development.  We have also allocated money to maintain additional support staff in order to provide a broad range of interventions and to improve the quality of support for teaching and learning.  Furthermore, we have retained the post of Learning Mentor to further promote positive attitudes to learning and offer pastoral support, and encourage good attendance.  Money has also been allocated to continue supporting the existing breakfast club and attendance initiatives to maintain and further enhance good attendance and punctuality.  We also continued to develop and enhance our curriculum by extending the range of first hand experiences and opportunities available to our pupils, and provide access to a wider range of learning opportunities.


Planned Pupil Premium Expenditure 2017/18

Use of Funding Cost (£) Aims
Breakfast Club Staffing Costs - 15 hours ATA per week 8,539

Extend learning opportunities at the start and end of the school day to provide high quality support for booster sessions and homework clubs.

Improve overall attendance and punctuality and reduce persistent absence rates of disadvantaged pupils.
Deputy Head Teacher release 0.5 cover cost - full year 33,732

Improve overall attendance and reduce persistent absence rates of disadvantaged pupils.

Improve monitoring of attendance and take early action, even when children are not compulsory school age.

Manage and evaluate opportunities for children to catch up on work they have missed through additional teaching sessions and intervention programmes.

Additional teacher EYFS - full year 25,676

To ensure that on entry to EYFS, children make accelerated progress from typically low starting points so that they reach their full potential in preparation for school.

To address any gaps in prior learning and development, particularly targeting the development of speech and language skills.

To develop the characteristics of effective learning i.e. self-esteem, perseverance, resilience and confidence.

Intervention Programmes - full year 32,021

Provide a range of interventions and catch up programmes to accelerate progress and improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. 

Provide opportunities for children to catch up on work they have missed through additional teaching sessions.

Learning Mentor - full year 26,028

Develop pupils’ self-esteem, enhance their attitudes to learning, their sense of well-being and their enjoyment of school.

Help pupils work through any issues, which may be affecting their emotional well-being and development.

Improve overall attendance and reduce persistent absence rates of disadvantaged pupils.

Themed Curriculum Experiences 3,500 Enhance the curriculum, so that children are able to experience new cultural, social, educational activities to inspire, motivate and challenge their learning. 
Recruitment & Retention 2,000 To develop recruitment and retention strategies that enable the school to fill all SLT posts and teaching vacancies so that consistently high quality teaching can be secured for disadvantaged pupils.
CPD Middle Leadership 1,400

Strengthen the capacity of senior and middle leaders to ensure that actions to improve the quality of teaching are implemented swiftly and monitored robustly.

Increase the level of accountability for the performance of disadvantaged pupils amongst middle leaders.

Running Total 140,936  


This strategy will be reviewed regularly by the governing body throughout the academic year, and will be amended accordingly.

To view our Pupil Premium policy, visit our Policies page by clicking below: