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Art Intent 


Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

At Colburn Community Primary School, we believe that art and creativity is an important part of both the curriculum and of our children’s well-being. Our art curriculum is designed to provide our children with opportunities to delve deeply into existing artwork; studying the work, the style, the artist, as well as the history and culture surrounding the pieces. Children will be exposed to a diverse range of artists during their primary education and they will be supported in using different, quality pieces of artwork in order to inspire their own work. We pride ourselves in our art provision as we endeavour to supply our children with a wide range of high quality materials, resources and tools.

By the end of their time in Colburn Community Primary School, our children will establish themselves as courageous, competent artists with their own preferred styles and techniques.

Art and DT Long Term Planning 2021-2022


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Texture / Form

Artist focus: Robin Brooks – collage linked to seasons

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Picasso - Linked to travel

Printing / Pattern

Artist focus: Louise Young – linked to rocks (pencil)

Printing / Pattern

Artist focus: Aturus Slapsys – linked to Vikings


Texture / Form

Artist focus: Lucy Pittaway – linked to Newcastle

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Lucy Pittaway – linked to animals



Printing / Pattern

Artist focus: Charles Burns - Linked to the great fire of London

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Georgia O’Keefe – linked to plants (paint)

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Monet & Turner – linked to Tsunami’s (pastel work)

Texture / Form

Artist focus: Linda Caverley – linked to the changes over time

Printing / Pattern

 Artist focus – Andy Warhol – linked to Fairtrade

Texture / Form

Artist focus: Cass Holmes – layering and textiles linked to plants


Colour / drawing

Artist focus: David Barnes - Linked to seaside’s

Texture / Form

Artist focus: Jason Pollock - Linked to chocolate

Texture / Form

Artist focus: Robin Brooks – collage linked to Volcanoes

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Henri Rouseau – linked to rainforests (oil pastels)

Colour / drawing

Artist focus: Rosaline Monk – linked to living things (pen)

Printing / Pattern

Artist focus: Charles Burns -

Linked to London

From Watercolours to Walnuts!

Our talented artists creating a piece of wall art for the newly refurbished Colburn Library, with Rishi Sunak and local dignitaries!

Jubilee Cards designed by our talented artists were distributed among the community.

Andy Warhol inspired Christmas cards

"Andy Warhol uses lots of bright colours"-Katie

"All his pictures are different and unique"-Madison

"He repeats his images"-Ben

"He is a new artist, not as new as Mackenzie Thorpe though" Logan

"Andy Warhol did pictures of tomato soup cans, bananas and Mickey Mouse"-Alfie

"He uses the same 6 or 7 colours in his pictures" Daisy


FS2 have been studying Kandinsky

" I like Mr Kandinsky, I can see circles and triangles." Phoebe 

"He puts them together to make pictures." Lottie

"I did a square, rectangle, triangle on my Kandinsky picture." Iris

"I did circles in my Kandinsky work" Darcy

"It's about shapes." Millie

"We have been studying Mackenzie Thorpe"-Della Shaye Y2

"I like the different textures and colours Mackenzie Thorpe uses."-Leah

"Mackenzie Thorpe loves to put a love heart in his work, sometimes you have to look very hard to find it. That's why I am putting red on my dog because his love hearts are red!" Tallulah

My dog is in the style of Mackenzie Thorpe but it is not the same colour , his is white and black and mine is going to be ginger." Daisy

"Mine broke because I left too many cracks, I should cover them up next time." Logan



Studying our local artist, Mackenzie Thorpe.

Firework art in nursery

"Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment", Maryann F. Kohl