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English Intent 


  • To provide a language rich environment that promotes a culture of reading and writing.
  • To enable children to speak with clarity, confidence and expression, and to take account of their audience, purpose and differing situations. ​​​​​​​
  • To encourage children to listen, understand and respond thoughtfully to what they have heard.
  • To use phonological awareness to decode unfamiliar words.
  • To value and use books as a basis for learning, pleasure, talk and play.
  • To develop in children an interest in and a love of books and literature that will not only support their learning across the curriculum but also enrich their lives.
  • To help the children to develop an understanding that writing is both essential to thinking and learning - enjoyable in its own right.
  • To teach children the craft of writing, in order to develop the confidence and skills to write well for a range of purposes and audience.
  • Teach the basics – spelling, handwriting and punctuation.
  • To foster in children the confidence, desire and ability to formulate and express their views and opinions about the world around them both orally and in writing.
  • To develop their powers of imagination and critical awareness through reading, writing, speaking and listening.


The study of English develops children’s ability to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of different purposes, including the communication of their ideas, views and feelings. Children become empowered to interpret the world around them and to make sense of their experiences; in this sense, English is a tool for both our thinking and learning. Children are enabled to express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as of a range of non-fiction. Children gain an understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins; ensuring that they are at the heart of the learning experience.


How We Teach Writing

Celebrating our Love of Reading with Rishi Sunak and local dignitaries at the re-opening of Colburn Library

Reading for Pleasure-KS1 enjoying choosing a book, for the weekend, from our school library.

World Book Day

Check out our 'Gallery' (under 'Latest News') for more pictures of the events held that week. 

Inspiring Young Bookworms

Reading Ambassadors

'Love of Reading' Books

For reading at home and returning their books back to school each week, the children were rewarded with a special 'Love of Reading Book' to take home and keep forever.


Carry on Reading!

KS2 Reading Cafe-The children thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating their reading techniques and sharing their love of reading with parents and members of the school community.

"I like reading fantasy books such as Lord of the Rings. I have lots of books at home, including all the Beast Quest books" - Kenzie Y6

"I like reading in the dark, you can picture the story more."- Jarrod Y6

Our FS2 and KS1 children are excited to take their new reading books home.

Reading Support: Questions to ask when reading at home.

'Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!' - Margaret Fuller

Group Reading-Practise makes permanent!

A webinar with Liz Pichon - Believe and Achieve


This morning our Year 5 took part in a webinar with the author and illustrator, Liz Pichon. They found out about what inspires her stories, as well as who inspired her to want to be an author.


Here are some of what Class 5 thought about the session:


Lilly: 'I'm inspired to draw my own characters when I get home.'

Jessica: 'I like how creative she is!'


Gracie: 'I liked that she believed in herself to achieve her goals of being an author, despite being dyslexic, she has achieved her goal. Even though it took her until she was in her 40s.'


Jack and Ethan both liked that her drawings were simple, and done in pen or pencil, that no colour was needed.



Marcus Rashford Book Club!

We are excited to be part of the Marcus Rashford Book Club, aimed at developing the love of reading for all children. This week we received our first set of books ‘A Dinosaur Ate My Sister’ by Pooja Puri with illustrations by Allen Fatimaharan.

Extreme Reading Challenge

Shakespeare Rocks - KS2 Production, December 2019

A Visit From Anne Fine - October 2019