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House System

Every child from Reception to Year 6 is a member of one of our Houses. We operate a ‘House System’ with 5 houses named after trees and a colour linked to each:

  • Amethysts (purple),
  • Emeralds (green),
  • Diamonds (yellow),
  • Sapphires (blue),
  • Rubies (red).


Siblings are assigned to the same House and children remain in their House for their whole school career at Colburn Community Primary.


The House system was introduced in November 2022 to support and foster positive relationships through a strong sense of responsibility and community for all the children in the school. It is a key vehicle in promoting an understanding and direct experience of democratic systems and procedures.


House Captains will be elected this coming July for the following school year. Children in Year 5 self-nominate and then present to their House. Every child in the House then votes for their new House Captain.