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School's Vision and Values

Vision and Values



We are dedicated to ensuring all our pupils succeed – challenging and developing their ability to think independently, building their resilience, wellbeing and  enabling them to transfer their skills and learning to all aspects of their life.

We offer our children an engaging and challenging curriculum that connects and celebrates our school, our homes and families, and our place within modern Britain and the wider world.  We aim to enrich our children’s well-being, attitudes to learning, resilience and ability to fulfil their potential: personally, physically and academically. Embedding a nurturing and inclusive approach, we strive to develop inquisitive minds, sense awe and wonder and a determination to believe that anything can be achieved.

It is our aim that when our children leave us they do so as well rounded, confident individuals, prepared for the next steps in their education and for later life. 


At Colburn Community Primary School we:

  • Ensure that all teaching is of a very high standard, enabling children to achieve their very best and reach their full potential.
  • Have expectations of high standards of behaviour.
  • Promote a love of learning, by providing a curriculum that is aspirational, inspiring, personalised and allows our children to develop a sense of wonder, inquisitive minds and become critical thinkers.
  • Provide an enabling environment where children feel safe, positive, respected, challenged and cared for.
  • Support our children to develop an understanding and empathy for the diverse world in which they live, work and play.
  • Help children care for each other and develop a respect for and tolerance of others regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion.
  • Celebrate diversity, equality, a sense of community, personal achievements and successes.
  • Provide the cultural capital our children need to become resilient, well-rounded, responsible citizens of the future.
  • Engage with parents to encourage strong home/school links.



Our core values are, respect, resilience, responsibility and fairness.  Along with our motto and vision, they determine everything we do in school.