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What is the Graduated Response?

Graduated Response/Approach


Here at Colburn Community Primary School, we apply a Graduated Response in order to meet the needs of all learners. 


A Graduated Response is a toolkit for all who work with children with an identified SEND. It provides guidelines on provision for all learners, criteria for placing children on the SEND register and provision and strategies to put into place in order to support these children. In order to effectively apply the Graduated Approach, all staff at Colburn Community Primary School have been trained in the Asses-Plan-Do-Review cycle.


All teachers will assess the progress children make in each lesson. Should they feel a child is struggling to make the appropriate progress, they will plan to put more strategies into place for that child, perhaps in the form of resources or support from the teacher or teaching assistant, to reduce their barriers to learning. They will then put this plan into place for the do stage and review the impact of this.


Should the cycle not make an impact, the teacher will discuss this with the SENDCo. Another cycle of Assess-Plan-Do-Review may be put into place, or advice from external agencies may be sought. 


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