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Welcome to Colburn Orchestra!

Listen to our wonderful Y4 Orchestra

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Celebrating Diversity!

Jubilee Stay and Play in EYFS

Jubilee Stay and Play- What our parents had to say

"It  is nice to see our children in the school environment."

"Darcie-Rae really enjoyed the experience, it was very jubilee-ous!"

"Very happy with how Dolcie has come on. Today has been lovely. Very proud. nice to be invited."

"Loved seeing the art work around  the room. Really enjoyed coming to see where Lydia spends her day!"

"So happy to see how settled and confident Nevaeh is in school, a very good afternoon."

"We enjoyed every minute"

Y2 children enjoyed their Forest School experience-especially the campfire S'mores!

Forest School experiences promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. Children have the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves

Y1 walked to St Cuthbert's Church for their RE lesson, today!

This year it was the 25th anniversary of World Book Day – with the message for all children ‘you are a reader‘! At Colburn we celebrated across the week with visits to our school library, an after school book fair, virtual author visits, and of course, by dressing up as our favourite characters.  

Inspiring Young Bookworms-Reading Ambassadors

We love to read!

Our home-reading books are expensive and new,

For their safe return we rely on you,

Every week this half term, you have returned them when due,

So this little gift is our thank you to you!

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


Here are what some of our younger children have said: 


"We have mindfulness to look after our bodies inside and out."

"If you have a bad feelings you can do some calming things to help you."

"Belly breathing will help if I have a bad dream."

"If your brain feels fuzzy then mindfulness will help it go away."

"I have worn my scarf today because it is my Mums and it makes me feel relaxed like she is hugging me."

"My scarf makes me happy because my Dad gave it to me and I like football."

Reading Cafes and Phonics Workshops

Outdoor Wilderness Education! Children in Y6 and Y2 have been exploring how to survive in extreme parts of the world. The Y6 children were stranded on a desert island and Y2 survived the harsh conditions of the Arctic! The Sir David Attenborough Research ship, in Antarctica, heard about the survival day and sent messages to Y2!

Our Zoom Assembly presented by children from the Fijian and Polish communities in school. All the children enjoyed learning about their heritage, language, lifestyles and culture.

Amelia, Gracie, Mereseini and Keresi spoke about their Fijian heritage, culture, food, music and lifestyle. 


Raising Aspirations with the Military

Jayden in year 5 said  ‘The whole day was inspiring and now I want to join the army.’


Disala in year 4 said ‘I enjoyed it because my Dad used to be in the army and I got to try on the army uniform.’


Della-Shaye in year 2 said ‘I liked the medics because they told us how they look after soldiers and how we can look after each other.’ 


The message from the Army Multicultural Team to our Y6 children was, "Learn you friends culture so you don't disrespect them! That's what makes good people!"

Colburn School Choir perform to the community for the switching on of the Colburn Christmas Tree Lights.

We are wearing odd socks to celebrate diversity and support Anti-Bullying Week 2021.

Y5 and Y6 have taken part in the North Yorkshire Climate Challenge 2021

Remembering those who sacrificed so much for others-Remembrance Day 2021

Celebrating Black History Month-Y2 learnt about Mary Seacole

Celebrating Black History Month -Y5 children took part in a webinar with Kereen Getten

Y5 celebrated the end of their work on Ancient Egypt with an Egyptian Banquet.

National Maths Week

We enjoy reading in school.

Celebrating our amazing Year 6!

Bee-lieve and Achieve!

End of Term Treat!

Year 4 Viking Trip to Murton Park - Summer 2021

Y6 Pasta and Bread Making Sessions


All year groups took part in Active Learning Day, doing their maths and English lessons outside for the day. 

Check out the fab photos: 

Here's what the children said: 


Della (Y1) – I liked it when we all got to share the number sentences that we found at the end. I liked hearing my friends get the right answer. It made me happy.


Lilly (Y5) – I liked the one where you had to see if there was parenthesis or relative clauses, as they were all linked to nursery rhymes.


Alfie (Y1) - It was great getting fresh air outside and I got to solve number problems too!


It was fun because be outside and run around for English and maths which we don’t ever normally do. (Helena Y3)


Maisey – Class 5 all liked being outside for their maths and English today. It was a nice change running about and we did some exercise at the same time!


Amelia (Y1)  – Wait, what, was that Maths? Can we do it again?


Maya (Y1) – I believed that I could solve the number sentences and I achieved it… I believed and achieved!


Jayden (Y5) – It wasn’t easy, but everyone persevered and did what they could. No one gave up.


(Anon) - This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

In honour of Sir Captain Tom, Colburn School took part in the 'Captain Tom 100 Challenge'. We incorporated the challenges into our lessons which included: counting, reading, writing and making 100, making 100 words, using ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore one hundred’, scoring 100 goals, 100 star jumps, 100 laps of the MUGA, 100 skips and many more 100 activities!



We recently trialled using Now Press Play, which has given every child the experience to be immersed in sound to become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure. We have now subscribed for one year, meaning that our children can still experience going places without actually leaving school.  

National Dance Week Workshop with Richmond School (online) April 2021

Easter Activities 2021

Red Nose Day 2021: Coburn CP School Comedy Club

If we've learnt one thing in the last 12 months, it's that life is unpredictable. One thing we can always rely on though in the power of laughter. We have all enjoyed Red Nose Day 2021, and through the power of technology, shared our laughter throughout the school.

Key Worker Children Having Fun in the Snow

Praise You

A little Something to make you smile!

See you in September :-)

Saying Goodbye to Year 6

VE Celebration During Lockdown