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Requesting Miniutes

Process for Minutes and Papers Requests


Governor meeting minutes are public records. You can request to view minutes and agendas using the process below.


When a request to view governor minutes or agendas is made, the school must respond in compliance with its obligations under regulation 15 of the School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013:


15) Minutes and papers


(2) Subject to paragraph


(3), the governing body must, as soon as reasonably practicable, make available for inspection by any interested person, a copy of - 


(a) the agenda for every meeting;

(b) the signed minutes of every such meeting; and

(c) any report or other paper considered at any such meeting.

(3) The governing body may exclude from any item required to be made available in pursuance of paragraph (2) any material relating to - 

(a) a named person who works, or who it is proposed should work, at the school;

(b) a named pupil at, or candidate for admission to, the school; or

(c) any other matter that, by reason of its nature, the governing body is satisfied should remain confidential.


A request should be made to the clerk to governors, Louise Flanagan, either in writing (to Colburn Community Primary School, Colburn Lane, Colburn, DL9 4LS); via telephone (01748 832676) or via email (


The school will scan signed minutes, reports and agendas to PDF and email them to a preferred email address. We reserve the right to charge for this if the scope of the request is likely to result in a financial cost to the school.


If the person requesting access does not have an email address, paper copies can be made at a charge (in line with the Charging and Remissions Policy).


School would prefer the minutes to be read off site due to limitations in terms of rooms which can be used during the school day. - We share papers with you in good faith and ask that you do not reproduce or share them. Whilst they are public records, it is vital that they are shared as true and accurate records of the meetings.